What am I Doing

Hello, about 2 months ago I complained about my job. Actually for the salary and what I got. Now I realize that I should not complain about it. Because I am just an entry level staff who work in a local company, not state owned or multinational company.

In spite of the salary is cheap, I enjoy my job because I guess my passion works on it. Making a plan and do preparation. Yap, both of them are my passion for now (I don’t know exactly yet)
My job is assisting my superior (project manager) to make the project goes on the right path, goes in our plan. I do the calculation for the machine needs, budgeting, and other calculations. Physics and math are my best friend. Thanks to my teachers and lectures for the knowledge. Those are very very useful.

Technically I work then get paid, but actually, I learn and get paid. Ya, working as a project engineer makes me need to learn very fast and learn everything. I learn machinery, utilities, budget, finance, company politics, sales trick, and so on. And I feel alive, despite lot of stuff I have to do every day.

Working in manufacture industry is very dynamic and challenging. I guess because of I work as a project engineer. Almost every week I meet new people.
I almost said I am happy with my job here, but I have to live my life to get the higher place so I can make my dream comes true. For now, I will learn very much stuffs here. Those will be my “food” for my future, for my dream, and for myself.
As I said 4 months ago, I will do my best for my first job. Then I am going to do my word. I believe that will be okay for me.

Thanks for reading.

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