About Ourself as Human

This is my opinion, not theory.

Technically as a human, we want to be cared, loved, and understood. Everyone wants to. But we must remember that only ourself can do understand what we want and what we need. If somebody’s suggestion is not fit to ourself, please do not judge her/him not understand you. We are just human.

Probably our expectation about something does not come true. Probably our expectation about somebody’s suggestion is out of our mind. I am sure we usually have our own decision, so that suggestion wont effect to us.

Actually, nobody really knows ours, so do us. We really do not know about ourself, only God does.

Nobody really knows ours, but they care 🙂

This is hard to write down all of my opinion about ourself as human. Not all of my mind have been written down.

Have a nice day! 🙂


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