#SweetSweden: How I life In Uppsala



Well well well. This is my first post for my blog since I live in Uppsala. I have been spending almost two semesters here. Become a master student in Uppsala is not easy. I have to adapt to the weather and the courses itself. In this post, I will tell you how I adapt to the weather. The Swedish harsh weather like other Nordic countries.

I arrived in Uppsala in the end of August 2016. It was end of summer which I got plenty of sunshine everyday and the temperature was around 18 degree Celcius. For me who comes from tropical country, 18 degree Celcius was cold. I always wore my hoodie everyday.

Approximately one month later autumn came and outside temperature slowly decreased little by little.  At that time, I got a bike and cycled everyday to go to school. It trained my body to be ready for winter. My body got stronger and slowly adapted to the weather. But of course I wore suitable clothes. 

When the winter came, I was ready. Cycled everyday in the autumn helped me to adapted to weather and made my body stronger. I also learned how to wore a good (proper) clothes everyday. The most important thing is not the fashion style, but the good clothes.

I thought I must wear a very thick jacket to deal with subzero temperature. But that was not how it worked. I must wear a good clothes. Good clothes means good layering and good quality clothes. We can not deal subzero temperature with only a t-shirt and a very thick jacket. It needs more. We need base layer, t-shirt layer, middle layer (can be fleece jacket or hoodie), and outside layer (down jacket is better). When I applied those layer, I could deal with -14 degree Celcius and that was my subzero record. Wonderful!

Now, I feel my body is much more adapt to the weather. I can barely only use a t-shirt in the 18 degree Celcius like what I did in Milan last month. Many people looked me when I just wore  my t-shirt in the down town. Yeah well I am not a fashionista-guy, maybe they looked at me because my clothing was weird. Haha!

I wonder how I deal with Indonesia weather when I go home. It seems to be very hot. What should I wear? :p

PS: Apologize for a bad writing 🙂





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