Upgrade Komputer


Melihat performa komputer di tahun pertama kuliah, dia kayak ngeden-ngeden kalo diajak buat kerja cepet. Apalagi kemarin sempet kehabisan RAM pas proses synthesis verilog di kuliah Accelerating Systems with Programmable Logic Component. Akhirnya saya putuskan untuk meng-upgrade komputer saya. Komputer yang saya pakai adalah Asus K401L, spesifikasinya bisa dilihat di sini.

Berbekal panduan dari mas Diki, saya pun ikut mengganti Harddisk saya dengan SSD Toshiba Evo-850 250GB dan menambah RAM (Corsair) sehingga jadi 8 GB. Agak susah lho menentukan saya mau pakai SSD 120GB atau 250GB. Namun setelah berdiskusi dengan Michael, temen serumah yang kuliah jurusan Computer Science, akhirnya saya memutuskan untuk memakai SSD 250GB dengan pertimbangan bahwa saya hanya pakai Ubuntu Gnome dan jika butuh Windows, saya akan menjalankan Windows via virtual machine. Oiya saya memutuskan untuk menggunakan Ubuntu Gnome sebagai OS utama saya karena Ubuntu Gnome bisa mengakomodasi kebutuhkan saya seperti C-compiler.  Continue reading “Upgrade Komputer”

What I Eat in Uppsala


Today I will show you what I eat in Uppsala. Anyway, I moved out of my room in Flogsta last month. Now I live in Kantorsgatan with my friends. They are also Indonesian students as me.

Well, this post actually is the preambule of my new category in my blog. I introduce “Kitchen” to you. Within this category, I will post everything about what I eat and how to cook it (based on what I did). Basically it will be like a cooking tutorial like what you see on the cooking book.

As what I told you in the beginning, I will show you what I eat in Uppsala by showing some pictures below.

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#SweetSweden: How I life In Uppsala



Well well well. This is my first post for my blog since I live in Uppsala. I have been spending almost two semesters here. Become a master student in Uppsala is not easy. I have to adapt to the weather and the courses itself. In this post, I will tell you how I adapt to the weather. The Swedish harsh weather like other Nordic countries.

I arrived in Uppsala in the end of August 2016. It was end of summer which I got plenty of sunshine everyday and the temperature was around 18 degree Celcius. For me who comes from tropical country, 18 degree Celcius was cold. I always wore my hoodie everyday.

Approximately one month later autumn came and outside temperature slowly decreased little by little.  At that time, I got a bike and cycled everyday to go to school. It trained my body to be ready for winter. My body got stronger and slowly adapted to the weather. But of course I wore suitable clothes.  Continue reading “#SweetSweden: How I life In Uppsala”

#SweetSweden: An Introduction


Well, I will introduce my hashtag while I study in Sweden. That is #SweetSweden. In #SweetSweden I will share everything happens, whether sweet or bitter. If they are bitter, I hope #SweetSweden can make it sweet. If they are sweet, #SweetSweden can enhance their sweetness :’)

That’s it. Wish me luck in Sweden, so all of my stories can be sweet.



With smile,